2013 Revenge Of The Disc - UPDATE


July 10, 2013 at 2:30 PM


Not giving up! . Currently, we are currently @ 44 riders - up 24 from yesterday! :) At this point I 'm willing to try something a little different. Let's try this one:

* If you bring two cyclist to the event - your entry will be FREE . Just email me with the riders information after they are registered and I will waive your entry! Let's see how this works.

This is the OBRA TT Cup event for this series .

Pre-registration closes on Thursday @ 3:00PM - This Thursday! This is the 1st race of the 3 race series.

Event Flyer : http://www.obra.org/flyers/2013/revenge_disc.pdf

Online Registration (tandems register both riders on one order): http://obra.org/events/21374/register

Course: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1862701 18.3 miles fast loop course with 2 small sets of hills.


Here is a breakdown of the event prizes for the series!

$7000.00 in OAKLEY sunglasses to give away as prizes. (That’s right $7000.00 solid)

$1300.00 in SIGMA SPORTS computer/HR Monitors/Watches/Lights to give away.

$700.00 from ROLF PRIMA in the form of two $350.00 off vouchers for a new wheels (Men & Women) that will be raffled off!

$600.00 in KALI PROTECTIVE Helmets to give away as prizes

$450.00 in RITCHEY Aero Bars and Saddles to give away

$360.00 in Coaching Consultation from Karey Miles for the top 3 - 4/5 women and top 4/5 male!

$350.00 in CASH to the top 3 Men/Women overall for the series - plus prizes!

Plus amazing raffle gifts from YAKIMA and a product PowerBar !

No medals -but when you do the math, that's over $10,000 plus in prizes for a TIME TRIAL! No Tony Martin, No Fabian Cancellara! Just a bunch OBRA cyclist ripping up the country side in the mid-valley. Remember, this series is based on the amount of points you have overall. The more races you do, the more points you have at the end over a cyclist that were only able to do 1 or 2 races. (Just a strategic thought for those on the fence - numbers don't lie).

You wanted great weather - DONE!

You wanted a great course - DONE!

You wanted a Eddy Category - DONE!

You wanted a TANDEM Category - DONE!

You wanted equal prizes payout for men and women - DONE!

You wanted t-shirts for the event in men and women sizes - DONE! (All you have to do is pre-order them – they are super cool and come in two different colors and designs.)

Someone ask if we could get George Cloney to come out – well...he is free now (sorry Stacey Kielber), but even my industry pull only reaches so far!

At the end of the day, all Revenge Cycling and Promotions (Shannon and I) want to do, is give you a great cycling experience – everytime! That's our motto! But we can’t do it if you don’t register - plus what am I going to do with all those damn sunglasses (that's a lot of shade to have for one person).

If you have any questions, please give me a call @ 541-905-9698 or email me @ revengecyclingandpromotions@gmail.com - like us on Facebook @ Joe Disc or Revenge Cycling and Promotions

Now go register or ( bring two friends and ride for free ) and I’ll see you all on Saturday in Sheed!


Kenny and Shannon

Revenge Cycling and Promotions