TT cup/Revenge of the Disc

Stewart Campbell

July 10, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Hey fellow TT'ers,

So it looks like numbers are down for a couple of races this weekend.  I talked to Kenny earlier today and just wanted to help by giving OBRA land another shout out that the Revenge should be a great race.
Kenny puts on some well organized races and he is offering a lot of prizes for the Revenge series.  The main reason that I want to support this race is that it is a great course, I recently did the TTT version of the course and it was great.  This course is different than any other TT race that we have.  It's more like a course that you would see in the grand tours, flat with some great turns to navigate through.  The pavement is fairly smooth and with the land being wide open, you get a great head/tail wind.
The pre-reg closes tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm.  I really hope we get some more racers out there so that this race will happen again next year.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Campbell