Thursday Night Track - July 12

Charles Warner

July 10, 2013 at 8:52 PM

This is the last chance to get tuned up before the Alpenrose Challenge
starts Friday. We will not be scheduling Junior racing at 6pm, we have not
had a need to run that category yet this year and there will be Omnium
racing for Juniors on Friday night during the 5:30 session of AVC.

Thursday Night Track Schedule
6:30 begin

Kiddie Kilo

Round 1
C - Tempo
B - Scratch
A - Miss and Out

Round 2
C - Unknown Distance (2-dice)
B - Miss and Out
A - 60 Lap Points

Round 3
C - 2 Lap Chariot
B - Points
A - 20 Lap Tempo

See you Thursday evening!