Colnago C-50

scott sullivan

August 16, 2013 at 9:41 AM

After posting here and Craigslist several times, obviously Portland is not the market for this type of bike. It is either that people don't have the money; want to lowball the offer at $200 or $800 (which I told them to shop at Kmart for their needs); or have absolutely no idea what a Colnago is and truly what a work of art this bike is. Amazing it did not sell at $1,900, but then again, this is Portland. If I had an eBay account, it would have been gone in a day.

All well and good though, as it happens that I have made the bike work for me by shortening the stem and adjust the seat. Pretty amazing how shortening the stem can transform the handling. I can happily say that this bike is not for sale any longer. If I thought otherwise, it would be like losing a good friend. Funny all this time there was a voice telling me not to sell the bike. This is a keeper and working toward a C59 to add to the stable come springtime.