Update: Fixies at Blind Date: Brakes and "Ha ha, Rubin"

Vince Plaza

September 19, 2013 at 10:38 AM

Dear Anonymous:

I am not an official, but know the organizer, Joe Field. You can count on
the fact that the officials don't ever want you to feel unsafe. However, the
event was originally set up a year ago to follow grass-track rules in a
cyclocross race. This means "weapons free" and wide tire track bikes. Last
year, I did the first few races with brakes and then ripped them off and now
have even more fun. A few of us know each other and you'll see us hassle
each other on the course, but you could count on a good clean race unless
you want to mix it up. It's also open to BMX bikes and unicycles if you
prefer. The 2:1 gearing is a good starting point (like a 40T front 20T rear
combo) and Dean at Bike Central has put together some great bikes. I'm
getting better at barricades on a fixie, but really, you just come to a
stop, get off the bike, and jump over. Mostly, it's all for fun and the race
will get better the more folks that do it. Hope to see you there!

PLUS: In the spirit of the Stampede's unfair play, I want to give a
shout-out to the official who started the race while 15 year old racer Rubin
Field, who initially came up with the idea for the Blind Date series, was
still out on the course completing his Junior Men's race. He would have
thrown off my million to one marketing spiel and, with my chain flying off,
I needed every advantage I could get. Sorry to leave you out earlier, Rubin.
We will expect payback from you and your old man next Wednesday.


From: Anonymous
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To: Vince
Subject: Re: [OBRA Chat] Fixies at Blind Date - One in a Million

Just curious - do the officials want the fixies to have brakes?

From: Vince
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Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 9:25 PM
Subject: [OBRA Chat] Fixies at Blind Date - One in a Million

Wikipedia puts the Portland metro area at around 2.3 million people.
Tonight, just three people started with fixies in the Stampede at Blind
Date, the only fixie cyclocross race I am aware of anywhere in the Universe.
That means, with a generous rounding up, these three people are one in a
million in an athletic endeavor. The way I figure it, that's close to
Olympian! Think about it. For just $5 and the work involved to find a beater
fixie geared at about 2:1 (brakes optional) YOU COULD BE AN OLYMPIAN!!! So
come on out, you closet maniacs, and let's make this an event. By the way,
congratulations to Pat Jacks on the win.

p.s. This is a joke and is not meant to diminish the dedication and
accomplishments of actual Olympians.
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