Re: CX beginner men

Eric Aldinger

September 19, 2013 at 9:45 PM

I talked to a few Women As after the race, who generally had the following
excellent advice:
Announce yourself, before you pass, please.
Make enough room to be safe during passes, please.

I want to add the one extra observation. Under no circumstance should you,
failing to pass any racer on the straight away, curse loudly when she takes
the inside line. This makes people like myself think less of you. A lot
less. Like you are a horrible person. But we all make mistakes.

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 3:52 PM, Suzy Renn wrote:

> Beginner men.
> It seems you did not understand the officials when they explained that you
> should let folks know as you pass. A simple "on your left", "on the inside"
> or if you are out of breath a simple "left" will actually save you some
> time, avoid collisions and make the evening at blind date a lot more fun
> for everyone.
> I realize that some of you begin to catch the B women after a lap or two
> and you want to make your way through our field. It will be easier (and
> safer) for us to allow you to pass if you let us know you are approaching.
> I was passed by several of you and only one (thank you) gave any warning.
> In the same note, I'd like to thank the SS men of the grand prix for
> (nearly) always being gentlemen and giving plenty of warning when they pass
> us SS women out there. It is a pleasure to ride with such amazingly
> talented and polite cyclists. I hope some of the beginner men follow your
> example.
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