Re: Women's 50+ in cyclocross

September 19, 2013 at 10:13 PM

Bonnie / obra,
This seems like a logical idea. Rules people who are going to meet, maybe
you should consider a 50+ for women in cross. I know more men will be in
the 60+ cat next year, but look at Hood River on the second day. Only three
raced. I am sure there would be more than that for a 50+ women cat. at many
races. I do not believe women in a 50+ cat. would be as concerned about
prize swag as just being able to compete against a group closer to their age
than what exists at present. I am not a promoter, but it seems like a small
add on for a race schedule etc. Bonnie and or other team members with a
stake, be sure to speak up or whatever else is needed at the rules meeting
on the 28th. I would assume many 50+ men would support your
well as 60+ men.
Rules the right thing please. Adopt a 50+ for these
deserving ladies.
Team S&M

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From: Bonnie R.
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Subject: [OBRA Chat] Women's 50+ in cyclocross

As one of the older girls racing cross I'd like to ask the cross race
promoters and OBRA to consider adding a women's 50+ category in cyclocross
for 2014. I can't speak for all the 50+ women racing cross or who are
thinking about racing, but there are increasing numbers of us and several of
us have expressed interest in having such a category.
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