Calculations: Cat 4 Womens Race Series: 2010

Event Rules

Date Event Multiplier
2/21 Jack Frost Time Trial 1.0
3/14 Banana Belt 3 1.0
3/28 Piece of Cake 1.0
4/17 Table Rock Road Race 1.0
4/23 Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic: Columbia Hills Road Race 1.0
5/22 Mt. Tabor Circuit Race 1.0
6/27 Salem Fairview 1.0
7/4 Firecracker Criterium 1.0
7/10-11 High Desert Omnium 1.0
7/25 Larch Mtn Hillclimb 1.0
8/7 OBRA Championship RR 1 1.0
9/4-6 Eugene Celebration 1.0
Association sanctioned only Events sanctioned by any racing association count
Double points for last event No
Field size bonus None
Group by category
Maximum events Relative to total number of events. All events count.
Members only
Minimum events Must complete at least 0 events to count in the final standings
Missing result penalty Not applicable
Place by Most points win
Results per event Not applicable
Show zero-point results Show results that don't earn points
Specific events All results in 2010
Team Results by person
Weekday events Weekday events count