OBRA Online Registration

We offer easy-to-use online registration for all events for a low fee of 5% per order (see Pricing for details).

Online registration is fully-integrated with the OBRA database. Promoters can use their OBRA account to manage their events; riders can use their OBRA account to register for races, keep their contact information up-to-date, and view their order history. This means current and accurate start lists, schedule, and results for promoters and riders.

We want to make race day easier for all of us. Riders agree to the liability waiver online, and can purchase an purchase annual membership or single-event license with their registration.

Used for Cross Crusade, the Banana Belt series, the Baker City Classic, and OBRA memberships, we've processed thousands of registrations and renewals in the last few years. If you'd like your event to use OBRA's online registration, email Scott Willson <scott.willson@gmail.com> to set it up.


Online registration is opt-in: you decide if you want to be included. If you do, new registrants are mailed to you nightly with an attached Excel file of all registered riders. You can also view all registered riders online in real-time. And it's OK to use OBRA's service with another one.

  • OBRA mails you a check or deposits directly to your checking account at end of month
  • The Excel download has complete registration information, drawn directly from the OBRA database: OBRA number and license, purchase price, membership status, rider age, team, contact info, billing info, and more.
  • Self-service: you can update pricing and event contact information yourself. We can add multiple administrators.
  • You can require OBRA membership or license for all registered riders
  • Promoters can pay the online fee or pass it on to riders. For a $20 race, if the promoter covers the fees, that rider pays $20 and the promoter receives $19. If not, the rider pays $21, and the promoter receives $20.
  • You can customize the online registration cut-off date and time
  • You can change registered riders' categories
  • Refunds are manual, but easily handled by an email to help@obra.org
  • Once online registration is enabled for your event, each category has a simple, unique URL for registration. For example: http://obra.org/events/15724/register
  • The system checks for duplicate registrations
  • We support registration for series and individual events, and series discounts
  • Partial and full-price discount codes
  • Field limits
  • Sale of T-shirts, caps, etc.
  • We can register riders for USAC or other non-OBRA events and for non-competitve tours, classes, and fondos.
  • Detailed accounting pages for promoters to ensure correct charges and payments
  • Give access to multiple people working on your event


An OBRA login is required. By default, registration closes two days before an event at 3 PM.

You can register multiple people—teammates, family members— on the same order. You can also register for multiple events on the same order.


Our credit card gateway has a per-transaction charge, so for orders under $15, we charge $0.30 + 3%. We also reduce the fee for expensive orders.

  • $0: free!
  • $1-$14: $0.30 + 3%
  • $15-199: 5%
  • $200+: 4%

Fee examples

  • $1 order: $0.60 fee
  • $5: $0.45
  • $10: $0.60
  • $15: $0.75
  • $20: $1.00
  • $25: $1.25
  • $50: $2.50
  • $200: $8.00

More Features to Come

The registration system runs on server-class hardware in a professional data center. The server is remotely backed-up, monitored, and secure. All orders are sent over HTTPS with SSL, and we never store credit card numbers. We are also continually adding features. In the works:

  • Categories and age validation
  • "Pretty" registration URLs, like http://obra.org/banana_belt_1/register
  • Improved self-service for promoters and racers
  • Time-sensitive prices. E.g., $20 before July 1, $25 after.

Questions? Email Scott Willson <scott.willson@gmail.com> or call (503) 913-6013.