Hammer Velo Pay it Forward Xmas Ride... Doernbechers families...

Jeff Tedder

December 3, 2018 at 7:53 AM

Good morning everyone..

Well its that time a year again, this well be the 9th Annual event for us.
The Hammer Velo Pay it Forward Xmas ride for Doernbechers..Amazing its been
that long and thinking back how many families we have helped in the past
several years, it just makes me smile... I just wanted to say that you to
everyone that has been involved from year 1, to current.. my mates from
Hammer Velo, I also have gotten many teams from OBRA the past several years
to get involved which is so cool.. This Year, Seth Daniels from Half Fast
Velo, Hazel Gross from Team AF and Dan Maclean from Planet X... well be
leading their teams and taking families on... HUGE thanks to all of them for
stepping up again this year with us...If you want to get involved check out
the Hammer Velo pay it Forward Xmas Ride Facebook page.. You can ride with
us, donate, wrap packages, whatever.. Its just great to get lots of people
involved.. Light your bike up and come join the fun.. Dates on rides to
families well be updated later when we arrange with families..

Please contact me with any questions.. Thanks for reading, have a great day.

Jeff Tedder

Hammer Velo

Solid Core Training

Portland PACE