FS: Epic, Erickson, De Rosa, Ti Haole, Kona Hot, plus more.


December 3, 2018 at 12:56 PM

An old friend passed away and I have the honor of re homing his bike
collection. Most are around 54-55cm and one is 46X51
These are mostly road bikes from the 90's. Some have down tube shifters.
If that puts you off, it's not a big deal to convert to "brifters" and
shallow drop bars.
The Kona Hot is worthy of a lengthy conversation all by itself having a
"TET" serial number indicating it was built by Tom Teasdale with Tange
Ultimate tube set. It has Ringle, Avid, Unbranded Chris King, Unbranded
Salsa and other cool bits. It appears to have been ridden around the
block one time and then hung on a wall for about 26 years. There no
evidence of any kind of wear. The other bikes are in fantastic condition
I don't have them all listed yet but if you are interested in any of
this stuff, contact me. I'd like to keep them local but that doesn't
work, they go to eBay.
Here's a link to the CL ads including other interesting bikes.
Check back as I will be adding more soon.