FS: Custom Sage Barlow- Size 54cm- Less than 100 miles

David Rosen

December 3, 2018 at 7:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this for a customer as I am trying to help him out.

The short story: Late last year, a customer from Alaska purchased a Sage
Barlow directly from me. He went full tilt on everything: Full Enve parts
kits and wheels with custom painted logos on the parts and matching decals
on the wheels, Full Chris King build, and full Campy H11 Hydro drivetrain.
There is also an extra set of wheels with different tires for varied riding
conditions and even a bunch of tools if you are interested. The bike has
less than 100 miles on it. It was laid over once, but other than a few
scratches does not have any damage.

Prior to taking delivery of the bike, he was diagnosed with a disease that
he thought he could get under control. He took the bike fully expecting to
kick it and be riding this summer. Unfortunately, things have only gotten
worse and now he needs to sell the bike to pay medical costs and such. He is
in a bad situation. He is an extremely nice person and I offered to help
sell the bike for him if I could find a buyer. I am not making any money off
of this, just trying to facilitate the transaction.

He originally paid over $12K for everything. At this point, he is willing to
take far less than that just so he can get some money to help pay his
medical costs. I am posting this to OBRA in the hope that someone might be
interested in purchasing this bike for a reasonable price that does not
completely gouge him but gives you a screaming deal on fully tricked out
bike with less than 100 miles. West End Bikes built the bike and prior to
delivery to you, I will make sure everything is good to go it and have it
all cleaned up for you if there is anything that needs cleaning.

I do have a full set of pictures of the bike that the owner sent me. Like I
said, the bike has been ridden, but for less than 100 miles due to his
illness. So I don't clog up everyone's email, here is a link to the Custom
bike page on my website: https://sagetitanium.com/products/custom/ If you
scroll through the slider, it is pictures 7-9 in the slideshow. It's the
only Barlow in the slideshow, so you can't miss it. It is this exact bike. I
had the photo shoot done because it was too pretty not to get some pictures
of it. As such, I have featured it on the website and in advertising before.

Thank you everyone for looking and reading. Again, reasonable offers only.
Please reply off list.



Sage Titanium