I feel sorry for you ...

Shane Gibson


... If you didn't make it out to Ninkrossi yesterday. I have to say that I
think Ninkrossi is probably one of my all time favorites. The course is
nestled up on the flanks of the hills in the Washougal River system, green
rolling hills, climbing, descending, swooping, curving ... and that sweet,
sweet "N" at the bottom is a blast to roll through. The day greeted us with
heavy fog, but slowly lifted as the sun burned through, and we had a
gorgeous day of racing.

Thanks to the great course setup, officiating, race promoting, and sponsors
- this is a top notch race. It'll crush your legs and burn out any gunk in
your lungs as they seer from the climbs. Yet, it's such a FUN course!
Those of you who missed this race, I highly encourage you to put it on your
calendar with a Gold Star next to it for next year.

Thank you for putting on this epic sweet race!


[image: ninkrossi-banner.jpg]

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized." - Sun Tzu