CX Pistols p/b Gigantic Brewing

Event Name
8 Mt. Tabor Series Sean A Carline
1 Washougal XC at the MX Park Race for the Future NICA Student League Fundraiser Sean A Carline
8 Portland Short Track Series Sean A Carline
14 Sisters Stampede Patrick Reedy
8 Sisters Stampede Sean A Carline
16 Sisters Stampede Helen Reedy
9 Sisters Stampede Laura Schmitt
5 Sisters Stampede Dennis Stafford
19 Sisters Stampede Jonathan Kuipers
15 Sisters Stampede Jeanne Beko
18 Tuesday Night PIR Sean A Carline
11 Mt. Man Challenge: Dog River Trail Super D Sean A Carline
28 Tuesday Night PIR Sean A Carline
1 Coast Hills Classic MTB Race Laura Schmitt
9 Bear Springs Trap Dennis Stafford
11 Bear Springs Trap Jonathan Kuipers
6 Bear Springs Trap Sean A Carline
10 Bear Springs Trap Jeanne Beko
10 Tuesday Night PIR Barrett Reiner