West Coast Women's Cycling p/b Oakshire Brewing

Event Name
72 Therapeutic Associates Racing TT @ PIR: Combined Hazel Gross
1 Therapeutic Associates Racing TT @ PIR Hazel Gross
13 Monday PIR Jordan Faulds
13 Monday PIR Deann Garcia
7 Monday PIR Stacy Stokes
5 Monday PIR Calloway Meiners
4 Monday PIR Hazel Gross
13 Kings Valley Road Race Aliza Richman
22 Kings Valley Road Race Jordan Faulds
18 Kings Valley Road Race Hazel Gross
27 Kings Valley Road Race Vicky Hanson
4 Kings Valley Road Race Helen Kennedy
2 Kings Valley Road Race Clara Terrell
9 Kings Valley Road Race Heather Daniel
3 Kings Valley Road Race Jessica Kaplan
4 Kings Valley Road Race Nicole Pressprich
6 Kings Valley Road Race Tawnie Mcdonald
3 Mudslinger: MTB XC Clara Terrell
4 As the Raven Flies Hazel Gross
36 As the Raven Flies: Combined Helen Kennedy
2 As the Raven Flies Helen Kennedy
48 As the Raven Flies: Combined Hazel Gross
3 Gorge Roubaix Aliza Richman
11 Gorge Roubaix Vicky Hansen
2 Gorge Roubaix Nicole Pressprich
5 Gorge Roubaix Hazel Gross
7 Gorge Roubaix Kristi Hanson
8 Gorge Roubaix Jordan Faulds
3 Gorge Roubaix Heather Daniel
5 Gorge Roubaix Jessica Kaplan
10 Gorge Roubaix Calloway Meiners
9 Gorge Roubaix Calloway Meiners
8 Gorge Roubaix Jordan Faulds
6 Gorge Roubaix Hazel Gross
4 Gorge Roubaix Aliza Richman
11 Gorge Roubaix Kristi Hanson
1 Gorge Roubaix Nicole Pressprich
5 Gorge Roubaix Heather Daniel
15 Gorge Roubaix Vicky Hansen
13 Cherry Pie Hazel Gross
5 Cherry Pie Aliza Richman
6 Cherry Pie Jessica Kaplan
11 Cherry Pie Deann Garcia
14 Cherry Pie Heather Daniel
15 Cherry Pie Karey Miles
15 Cherry Pie Calloway Kennedy
17 Cherry Pie Brooke Stehley
10 Cherry Pie Helen Kennedy
7 Cherry Pie Jordan Faulds
3 Cherry Pie Stacy Stokes
3 Cherry Pie Nicole Pressprich
2 Cherry Pie Clara Terrell
7 Dirty Circles Hazel Gross
9 Dirty Circles Vicky Hanson
10 Dirty Circles Aliza Richman
5 Dirty Circles 1 Aliza Richman
4 Dirty Circles 1 Vicky Hanson
3 Dirty Circles 1 Hazel Gross
1 Echo Red to Red MTB XC Brooke Stehley
250 Jack Frost TT: Combined Jordan Faulds
259 Jack Frost TT: Combined Vicky Hanson
107 Jack Frost TT: Combined Deann Garcia
223 Jack Frost TT: Combined Heather Daniel
142 Jack Frost TT: Combined Hazel Gross
150 Jack Frost TT: Combined Helen Kennedy
12 Jack Frost TT Vicky Hanson
9 Jack Frost TT Jordan Faulds
2 Jack Frost TT Helen Kennedy
1 Jack Frost TT Hazel Gross
6 Jack Frost TT Heather Daniel
4 Jack Frost TT Deann Garcia