2020 Ironman

The Ironman Competition is a 'just for fun' record of the number of events riders do. There is no prize just identification of riders who need to get a life.

Updated January 15, 2020 at 7:38 AM


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Name Points
1 Germaine Dougherty 2
2 Nathan Trimble 1
2 Michael Page 1
2 John Lulich 1
2 Chris Stapleton 1
2 Haaken Hoppe 1
2 Freya Hoppe 1
8 Ron Lang 1
9 Aaron Hoppe 1
Brad Barton
Adrian Bosch
John Chapman
Scott Churchill
Michael Davis
Brian Dwyer
Karen Dwyer
Ronni Garcia
Chadd Hendrickson
Jaxx Hendrickson
Richard Hogan
Flo Leibowitz
Bill Myers
Bear Perrin
Dave Reitz
Jade Rohde
Loren Russell
John Slawta
Bill Visnack
Natasha Visnack
Chris Wilkey