Trusty Switchblade

Event Name
6 Sister's Stampede XC David Krause
1 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker David Krause
2 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Elijah Krause
9 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Gabriel Linn
2 Coast Hills Classic David Krause
2 Bear Springs - XC Elijah Krause
8 Bear Springs - XC Gabriel Linn
DNS Bear Springs - XC David Krause
DNF River City Bicycles Tuesday PIR Ryan Morgan
5 Mudslinger Gabriel Linn
2 Mudslinger Erin Corcoran
3 Mudslinger Amy Seymour
1 Gorge Roubaix Cullen Guinn
5 Gorge Roubaix Cullen Guinn
22 Dirty Circles 1 Ryan Morgan
24 Dirty Circles Ryan Morgan
49 Dirty Circles 1 Will Hawkins
10 Echo Red to Red XC Cullen Guinn
14 Echo Red to Red XC Jeremiah Williams
2 Echo Red to Red XC Elijah Krause
18 Echo Red to Red XC Nathan Gibson
5 Echo Red to Red XC David Krause
5 Jack Frost TT Will Hawkins
47 Jack Frost TT: Combined Will Hawkins