Master's Track Championships: Sprints

Portland, OR. August 29, 2009

Part of the Master's Track Championships

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Masters 30-39

Name Team
1 Stephen McLaughry Bike Central
2 Chris Deardorff Word RCB, presents Grummel
3 Mark Godfrey Bike Central
4 Daryl Hemenway BRIHOP
5 Mark Ginsberg Southtown Velo
6 Jim Fischer Pacific Power Blue Sky
7 Todd Fleischmann

Masters 40-49

Name Team
1 Eric Johnson Wines of Washington
2 Jamie Fitzgerald
3 Mark Pico University of Minnesota
4 Paul Kanz United Finance
5 Brian List Pacific Power Blue Sky

Masters 50-59

Name Team
1 Ken Lee
2 Rich Wolf Sunnyside Sports
3 James Thiele Team Rose City
4 Paul Mautner Team Rose City
5 Bill Croswell Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing

Masters 55-59

Name Team
1 Darell Provencher Team Rose City
2 Mike Murray Bike Central
3 Bill Alsup

Masters 60+

Name Team
1 Jerry Shafer Cucina Fresca
2 Ron Magnus

Women 30-39

Name Team
1 Jen Featheringill Bike Central
2 Heather VanValkenburg Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation
3 Traci D'Elia Portland Velo
4 Heather Paris Pacific Power Blue Sky

Women 40-49

Name Team
1 Jane Chateaubriand Starbucks
2 Michelle Gross Wines of Washington
3 Meg Mautner Bike Central

Women 50+

Name Team
1 Lynn Hughes-Godfrey Bike Central
2 Barbara Thiele Team Rose City
3 Melissa Boyd Pacific Power Blue Sky