NoMads Bicycle Racing Team

Event Name
31 Rapha Portland Trophy Cup Greg Russell
9 OUCH Stephen Davis
72 OUCH: Combined Stephen Davis
12 Portland Short Track Series Sheilagh Griffin
DNF Hammer Velo Criterium Greg Russell
9 Hammer Velo Criterium David Hopper
29 Hammer Velo Criterium John Wiest
16 Montinore Road Race pb Team Oregon David Hopper
12 Barton Park Circuit Race David Hopper
78 As The Raven Flies: Combined Stephen Davis
10 As The Raven Flies Stephen Davis
9 King's Valley Road Race presented by Hop Valley Brewing Co. David Hopper
1 Dirty Circles 3 David Hopper
2 Dirty Circles 3: Hot Spots David Hopper
16 Dirty Circles 1 David Hopper
31 Dirty Circles 1 Greg Russell
2 Dirty Circles David Hopper
21 Jack Frost TT John Wiest
13 Jack Frost TT: Combined David Hopper
187 Jack Frost TT: Combined Greg Russell
231 Jack Frost TT: Combined John Tate
153 Jack Frost TT: Combined Fred Robinson
35 Jack Frost TT John Tate
26 Jack Frost TT Greg Russell
22 Jack Frost TT Fred Robinson
2 Jack Frost TT David Hopper
29 Jack Frost TT Stephen Davis
251 Jack Frost TT: Combined Stephen Davis
291 Jack Frost TT: Combined John Wiest