Fast Twitch Fridays

Portland, OR
June 6, 2008

Part of the Fast Twitch Fridays

Updated September 10, 2015 at 4:15 PM

A Sprint

Name Team
1 Mark Godfrey Bike Central
2 Stephen McLaughry Bike Central
3 kevin mansker
4 Per Bjesse Bike Central
5 Walton Brush

B Sprint

Name Team
1 Dan Birman Beaverton Bicycle Club
2 Clint Culpepper Team Beer
3 Michael Risner Word-RCB
4 William Blanton Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
5 Jen Featheringill Bike Central

C Sprint

Name Team
1 Alex Criss River City Bicycles
2 Ken Lee Skyline Velo
3 George Carder Team Beer
4 Amelia Bjesse-Puffin Bike Central
5 Camille Hook Bike Central

Novice Men

Name Team
1 Alex Lightman Word-RCB
2 Dave Wingard Word-RCB
3 Mark Rajotte Southtown Velo
4 Lance Pugh Beaverton Bicycle Club
5 Daniel Felts Word-RCB
6 alexander birman Beaverton Bicycle Club
7 Paris Hynes Word-RCB

Novice Women Sprint

Name Team
1 Kim Rueter Sorella Forte
2 Susann Haagensen