Champion Thursdays

Medford, OR
August 21, 2014

Part of the Champion Thursdays

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Updated December 31, 2017 at 7:53 AM

Category A

Num Name Team Notes
1 5368 Tom Keller Sappo Hill Soapworks S1-1,S2-3
2 8096 Clara Honsinger Upper Echelon Fitness and Rehabilitation
3 3012 Ron Laverty Team Cycle Sport
DNF 204 Rebeccah Bieri Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
DNF 4114 Benjamin Brainard Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
DNF 639 Joe Chaves Sappo Hill Soapworks
DNF 5031 Jonathan Cotta Team Cycle Sport
DNF 124 Glen Gann Land Shark
DNF 711 CJ Johnson Team Cycle Sport S1-2, crashed
DNF 618 Dave Masessa Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
DNF 649 Jason Peters Sappo Hill Soapworks
DNF 646 Dave Reitz Team Cycle Sport S1-3,S2-1
DNF 3020 Jeff Smith Team Cycle Sport
DNF 4183 Doug Striley Sappo Hill Soapworks S2-2
DNF 4125 Todd Stumpenhaus Team Cycle Sport
DNF 658 Mark Williams Team Cycle Sport

Category B

Num Name Team Notes
1 4184 Tim Turk Land Shark S-2
2 4179 Thom Kneeland Service Course Velo S-3
3 57 Brian Bowles
4 5303 Kellan Cullan Cycle Analysis
DNF 5074 Jacob Hammond


Num Name Team
1 5206 Ana Keller Sappo Hill Soapworks
DNF 3075 Alex Shepherd Team Cycle Sport


Num Name Team Notes
1 7209 Jody Schmidt Team Cycle Sport S-1