Team Planet X USA

Event Name
2 As The Raven Flies Josh Ross
2 As The Raven Flies Michael Hopkins
9 As The Raven Flies Stewart Campbell
77 As The Raven Flies: Combined Josh Ross
40 As The Raven Flies: Combined Michael Hopkins
85 As The Raven Flies: Combined Stewart Campbell
1 River City Bicycles Tuesday PIR Michael Hopkins
51 Gorge Roubaix Will Cook
DNF Gorge Roubaix Will Cook
16 Dirty Circles 3 Will Cook
20 Dirty Circles 2 Jeff Baratta
23 Dirty Circles 2 Nic Kytlica
32 Dirty Circles 2 Dean Maclean
34 Dirty Circles Will Cook
37 Dirty Circles Jeff Baratta
31 Dirty Circles Dean Maclean
16 Dirty Circles 1 Dean Maclean
45 Dirty Circles Nic Kytlica
13 Echo Red to Red XC Mark Hand
30 Jack Frost TT Stewart Campbell
9 Jack Frost TT Josh Ross
257 Jack Frost TT: Combined Stewart Campbell
13 Jack Frost TT Michael Hopkins
143 Jack Frost TT: Combined Michael Hopkins
254 Jack Frost TT: Combined Josh Ross