Oregon Bike Shop Racing Team

Event Name
3 Sister's Stampede XC Sue Hanna
25 Sister's Stampede XC Alex Visser
7 Sister's Stampede XC Dave Bisers
19 Sister's Stampede XC Sandra Krueger
37 Sister's Stampede XC Zachary Wolfe
2 Sister's Stampede XC Logan Davis
3 Sister's Stampede XC Kaitlyn Wolfe
43 Sister's Stampede XC Kevin Wolfe
10 Monday PIR: Series Standings Emily Boscacci
5 Monday PIR: Series Standings Emily Boscacci
4 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Sue Hanna
2 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Kaitlyn Wolfe
4 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Kevin Wolfe
9 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Sandra Krueger
6 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker David Bisers
13 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Neil Carpenter
4 Monday PIR Special Try Bike Racing Day Emily Boscacci
4 Coast Hills Classic Neil Carpenter
1 Coast Hills Classic Sue Hanna
8 Coast Hills Classic Sandra Krueger
3 Coast Hills Classic Logan Davis
1 Montinore Road Race pb Team Oregon Emily Boscacci
5 Bear Springs - XC David Bisers
1 Bear Springs - XC Sue Hanna
8 Bear Springs - XC Neil Carpenter
9 Bear Springs - XC James Jonke
14 Bear Springs - XC Jon Spindor
3 Bear Springs - XC Sandra Krueger
7 Bear Springs - XC Kevin Wolfe
2 Bear Springs - XC Logan Davis
2 Bear Springs - XC Korrie MacIntyre
1 Bear Springs - XC Kaitlyn Wolfe
7 Bear Springs - XC Emily Boscacci
4 Mudslinger Sandra Krueger
5 Mudslinger James Jonke
3 Mudslinger Sue Hanna
5 Mudslinger Neil Carpenter
9 Mudslinger Jonathan Spindor
6 Mudslinger Logan Davis
9 King's Valley Road Race presented by Hop Valley Brewing Co. Emily Boscacci
16 Gorge Roubaix Emily Boscacci
2 Cherry Pie Sue Hanna
4 Cherry Pie Emily Boscacci
17 Dirty Circles 2 Sue Hanna
25 Dirty Circles Sue Hanna
9 Dirty Circles Emily Boscacci
6 Dirty Circles 1 Emily Boscacci
9 Echo Red to Red XC Logan Davis
5 Echo Red to Red XC Sue Hanna
9 Echo Red to Red XC David Bisers
12 Echo Red to Red XC James Jonke
196 Jack Frost TT: Combined Emily Boscacci
1 Jack Frost TT Emily Boscacci