Guinness Cycling Team

Event Name
24 Barton Park Circuit Race Joseph King
10 Barton Park Circuit Race Harrison Harb
24 As The Raven Flies: Combined Dan Froelich
4 As The Raven Flies Dan Froelich
6 River City Bicycles Tuesday PIR Greg van Amerongen
26 River City Bicycles Tuesday PIR David Klipper
19 Gorge Roubaix Joseph King
22 Cherry Pie Greg van Amerongen
27 Cherry Pie Joseph King
8 Dirty Circles 3 Michael Sather
4 Dirty Circles 3: Hot Spots Michael Sather
14 Dirty Circles Greg van Amerongen
16 Dirty Circles Michael Sather
5 Dirty Circles 1 Greg van Amerongen