Half Fast Velo presented by Ninkasi Brewing

Event Name
23 Monday PIR Mike Hall
6 Monday PIR Thomas Orth
47 Kings Valley Road Race Eric Stouck
DNF Kings Valley Road Race Paul Anderson
13 Kings Valley Road Race Ken James
40 Kings Valley Road Race Scott Ballard
37 Kings Valley Road Race Wade Goff
17 Kings Valley Road Race Mike Hall
10 Rose Garden Circuit Race Eric Stouck
34 As the Raven Flies: Combined Steven Basden
11 As the Raven Flies Steven Basden
6 Rose Garden Circuit Race Eric Stouck
15 Gorge Roubaix Mark Magilner
24 Gorge Roubaix Ohnsted Phillip
17 Gorge Roubaix Wade Goff
27 Gorge Roubaix Shane Gibson
14 Gorge Roubaix Mark Magilner
49 Gorge Roubaix William Glasson
26 Gorge Roubaix Mike Hall
15 Gorge Roubaix Wade Goff
17 Cherry Pie Eric Stouck
25 Cherry Pie Mark Magilner
5 Cherry Pie Wade Goff
14 Dirty Circles 3 Eric Stouck
12 Dirty Circles 3 Eric Stouck
7 Dirty Circles 2 Shane Gibson
17 Dirty Circles 2 Mike Hall
12 Dirty Circles 2 Wade Goff
15 Dirty Circles 2 Eric Stouck
36 Dirty Circles 2 Wade Goff
20 Dirty Circles 1 Mark Magilner
21 Dirty Circles 1 Wade Goff
15 Dirty Circles Eric Stouck
17 Dirty Circles 1 Eric Stouck
24 Dirty Circles Eric Stouck
27 Dirty Circles Mike Hall
15 Dirty Circles Shane Gibson
47 Dirty Circles Wade Goff
45 Dirty Circles Mark Magilner
22 Dirty Circles Wade Goff
9 Echo Red to Red MTB XC Mike Hall
2 Echo Red to Red MTB XC Shane Gibson
169 Jack Frost TT: Combined Eric Stouck
91 Jack Frost TT: Combined Steve Truesdale
90 Jack Frost TT: Combined Steven Basden
77 Jack Frost TT: Combined Nathan Hobson
49 Jack Frost TT: Combined Robert Huff
154 Jack Frost TT: Combined Jason Hobson
80 Jack Frost TT: Combined Paul Anderson
69 Jack Frost TT: Combined Doug Palmer
16 Jack Frost TT: Combined Mark Magilner
37 Jack Frost TT Eric Stouck
19 Jack Frost TT Steven Basden
4 Jack Frost TT Steve Truesdale
10 Jack Frost TT Nathan Hobson
5 Jack Frost TT Robert Huff
24 Jack Frost TT Jason Hobson
13 Jack Frost TT Paul Anderson
11 Jack Frost TT Doug Palmer
3 Jack Frost TT Mark Magilner