MBSEF Thrilla Cyclocross Series

Bend, OR
Wed, September 2 to Wed, September 30, 2015

Updated October 5, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Category A

Name Team
1 Cody Peterson Hutch's-Slocum-Co-Motion
2 Ben Thompson Thump Coffee
3 Matt Fox
3 Chad Cheeney Murder of Crows
5 Gabriel Linn Trusty Switchblade
6 Brig Brandt
7 Chris Peariso Adventure212/Specialized
8 Brandon Groza

Category B

Name Team
1 Ryan Funke Deschutes Brewery
2 Paul Hynes Therapeutic Assoc/Pine Mtn
3 Bradford White Wanderlust Tours
4 Adam Steele
5 Thomas Pastor Deschutes Brewery

Category C

Name Team
1 Paul Armstrong
2 Dustin Henderson Murder of Crows
3 Ryan McLaughlin
3 Brad Haag Murder of Crows
5 Dustin Tombleson Boneyard Cycling
6 Eric McKinley Murder of Crows
6 Justin Lair The Hub Cyclery
8 Ryan Kruit Murder of Crows

Junior Men

Name Team
1 Ryder Uetrecht Bend Endurance Academy
2 Evan Martin
3 Spencer Scott Bend Endurance Academy
4 Gavin Bowen Bowen Sports Performance Cycling Team
5 Lucian Spampinato Bend Endurance Academy
6 Jacob Olander Bend Endurance Academy
7 Henry Winnenberg

Junior Women

Name Team
1 Ava Lilley Murder of Crows
2 Rylee C McConnell Ace Window Tinting

Masters 35+ A

Name Team
1 Joshua Johnston
2 Eric Martin BendBroadband/WebCyclery.com
3 Matt Williams Thump Coffee
4 Jeff Johnston Boneyard Cycling
5 Mike Brown
6 John Rollert WebCyclery.com
7 Tony Broadman StudioNINE30-Cascade Sotheby's International Race Team
8 Ryan Ness Boneyard Cycling
9 Jon Hansen Pine Mountain Sports/TAI
10 David Martin
11 Matt Engel StudioNINE30-Cascade Sotheby's International Race Team
12 Mike Olson WebCyclery.com
13 Rob Angelo Evolution Racing Team/River City Bicycles

Masters 35+ B

Name Team
1 Andrew Steiner Murder of Crows
2 Todd Berger StudioNINE30-Cascade Sotheby's International Race Team
3 Beny Ambauen Murder of Crows
4 Aaron Tarnow WebCyclery.com
5 Curtis Brawner Ace Window Tinting
6 Kyle Gomez Boneyard Cycling
7 Tiago Reis
8 Michel Waller Deschutes Brewery
8 Brandon Gallagher Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team
10 David Anderson Boneyard Cycling
11 Walter Mcknight Deschutes Brewery
12 john Adkins
13 Dan Davis
14 Robert Winnenberg
15 Tyler Rupe Hutch's/Bend Dental
15 Brian Smith
17 Kyle Mills Murder of Crows
18 Rob Kerr Boneyard Cycling

Masters 35+ C

Name Team
1 Ryan Miles The Hub Cylery
2 andrew Andrew
3 Jay Campbell Ace Window Tinting
4 Andrew Fleming Murder of Crows
5 Jay Battleson
6 Ed Rogers Ace Window Tinting
7 Marty Brown
8 Jeff Clay
9 Heath Brown
10 Jay Marsh Boneyard Cycling
11 Drexell Barnes Ace Window
12 John Livingston Murder of Crows
13 Beau Eastes
13 Ted Taylor The Hub Cyclery

Masters 50+

Name Team
1 Marcel Russenbarger Deschutes Brewery
2 Eric Power Murder of Crows
3 Alan Thomason
4 Mike Taylor Deschutes Brewery
5 Michael Coe Boneyard Cycling
6 David Dorocke Deschutes Brewery
7 Mark Reinecke
8 David Lenhart Boneyard Cycling

Masters 60+

Name Team
1 Craig Mavis Deschutes Brewery
2 Mark Pearson
3 Amory Cheney Boneyard Cycling
4 Sam Medrano
5 Tad Hodgert Deschutes Brewery

Masters Women 35+ B

Name Team
1 Mary Skrzynski Deschutes Brewery
1 Susan Foster Deschutes Brewery
3 Michelle Mercer Deschutes Brewery
4 Kathy Hovermale Boneyard Cycling

Woman A

Name Team
1 Allison Halpin Sunnyside Sports
2 Stephanie Uetrecht WebCyclery.com
3 Renee Scott Deschutes Brewery
4 Patricia Strange Deschutes Brewery

Women B

Name Team
1 Jennifer Luebke Portland Bicycle Studio
2 Jenny Kneece
3 Shellie Heggenberger Deschutes Brewery

Women C

Name Team
1 Carolyn Day
2 Siobhan McNulty Boneyard Cycling
3 Lisa Gentz Beerded Clams
3 Sha-Marie Brown Deschutes Brewery