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Category 1 Junior Men
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Men Category 1 Junior
Date Event Discipline
7/30/2023 Washougal XC (OBRA XC Championships MTB) Mountain Bike
5/28/2023 Sisters Stampede Mountain Bike
5/20/2023 Silver Falls XC Mountain Bike Race Mountain Bike
4/30/2023 Coast Hills Classic MTB Race Mountain Bike
4/1/2023 Mudslinger Mountain Bike
3/25/2023 Echo Red to Red Mountain Bike
5/29/2022 Sisters Stampede Mountain Bike
5/7/2022 Cascade Chainbreaker XC MTB Race Mountain Bike
4/2/2022 35th Annual Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike
3/19/2022 Echo Red to Red XC Mountain Bike
7/24/2021 Alsea Falls XC Mountain Bike
6/13/2021 Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike
5/30/2021 Sisters Stampede Mountain Bike
5/8/2021 Cascade Chainbreaker Mountain Bike
4/17/2021 Bonecrusher XCO Mountain Bike
4/3/2021 Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike
3/20/2021 Echo Red to Red Mountain Bike
7/5/2020 33rd Mudslinger XC Mountain Bike
5/29/2011 Black Rock Flow Cup DH Downhill
4/11/2010 Horning's Hustle Mountain Bike