Alpenrose Thursday Series

Portland, OR
July 13, 2006

Part of the Alpenrose Thursday Series

Updated September 10, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Category 1/2

Name Team
1 Seth Hosmer CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
2 Mikkel Bossen CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
3 Steven Beardsley Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation
4 jimmy lingwood Recycled Cycles presented by Raleigh
5 Doug Beardsley Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
6 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
7 James Adamson Veloshop
8 David Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
9 Per Bjesse Bike Central
10 Carl Hoefer Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation
11 Stephen McLaughry Bike Central
12 Chris Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
13 Darell Provencher Team Rose City
14 Paul Mautner Team Rose City
15 Craig Sinanian Bike Central

Category 4

Name Team
1 joe field
2 charles sowers United Finance
3 Jason Weinstein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
4 Carl Bjorn Kjellstrand Forza Jet Velo
5 jason pfeifer
6 Adrian Unkeles Forza Jet Velo
7 Troy Logue Beaverton Bicycle Club
8 Michael Beckman Beaverton Bicycle Club
9 Don Vandervort Beaverton Bicycle Club
10 Alex Dreyer
10 Keith Beckman Beaverton Bicycle Club
11 Gregory Leblanc
12 Jay Rathe Beaverton Bicycle Club

Category 5

Name Team
1 "Sharky" Young
2 Jeff Norville Pedros
3 Jason Weinstein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
4 Adrian Black Pedros
5 Matt Fox Veloshop
6 John Dorfer Veloshop
7 Jason Riffle Affordable Plumbing
8 David Weigel
9 Brian Keefe


Name Team
1 Jen Featheringill Bike Central
2 Amelia Bjesse-Puffin Bike Central
3 Alynda Lingwood Gregg's/Trek/VW
4 Keven Farrell
5 Meg Mautner NoMad Sports Club